CSEES Welcomes Eight New Graduate Students

Eight graduate students joined the MA program in Slavic and East European Studies this fall. 

Jared Dye graduated from Grinnell College in 2012 with a BA in Russian and a concentration in Russian and East European history and culture. After graduation, he worked in Tyumen, Russia, for a year as an English teaching assistant through the Fulbright Program. He is currently studying the Polish and Russian languages.

Emily Goodhart graduated from Wright State University in 2013, majoring in history with a minor in political science. Her interests are in Soviet women’s history and Central Asia. Emily has started to study Uzbek while at Ohio State.

Chris Guerrini graduated from Ohio State in 2014 with a BA in history and a minor in political science. His primary academic focus is southeast Europe, particularly the former Yugoslavia, and he is studying Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian.

Lindsey Korte graduated with a BA in history and a minor in anthropology in December 2012 from Stephen F. Austin State University. Her focus is on human rights, political and legal issues in Hungary and the Balkan nations. Lindsey is now studying Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian.

William Magginis graduated in 2014 from Capital University with a BA in history and a minor in political science. His primary focus is on Russia, with interests in security and intelligence studies. Billy will continue to study Russian while at Ohio State. 

Stephen Prater is a captain in the United States Army. He is studying at the Slavic Center as part of his training for the U.S. Army Foreign Area Officer program. Stephen graduated from the University of Kentucky in 2005 with a BA in Political Science. While at Ohio State, Stephen will continue to study Russian.

Taylor Reynolds graduated from Ohio State in 2014 with a BA in Russian and international studies. Her primary focus is Russia and she is currently studying both Russian and Uzbek.

Hannah Stewart graduated in 2012 from Kenyon College, majoring in international studies and with a minor in Russian. Her focus is Russian politics, media and identity.  Hannah is studying both Polish and Russian.