Faculty and Student Presentations at the Association for Slavic, East European and Eurasian Studies 2014 Convention

Angela Brintlinger served as chair of the panel “Historical Legacies and New Beginnings in Russian Biography: Post-Soviet ‘Remarkable Lives’” and participated as a discussant in the panel “Past, Present and Futurism: Soviet Literature of the 1920s in Print and Film.”

Alexander Burry served as the chair of the panel “Mothers, Daughters and Sisters in Dostoevsky’s Life and Fiction” and presented the paper “Dargomyzhsky’s 'Stone Guest': Dialogue with Pushkin.”

Mary W. Cavender was a member of the roundtable discussion “Everyday Life in Russia Past and Present.”

Theodora Dragostinova presented her paper “The 'Hostile' and the 'Loyal': The Bulgarian Emigres and the Bulgarian 'Cultural Opening' of the 1970s and 1980s.”

Helen Fehervary was a participant in the roundtable discussion “Cultural Contacts Behind the Wall: Cultural Exchange and Statehood in the Eastern Bloc.”

Yana Hashamova was a roundtable member of the discussion “Being There: Budapest-Warsaw- Bucharest- Sofia in 1989” and served as chair of the panel “The Changing Boundaries of Female Work in Central and South-East Europe (20th-21st Century).”

Mary-Allen (Pasha) Johnson served as chair of the panel “Religion, Power, and Construction of Space in High Medieval Europe: Across the 'East/West' Divide.”

Marta Joanna Kolczynska presented the paper “In Internationals We Trust: Elections Monitoring Missions in Albania and Kosovo and Their Reports.”

Jessie Labov participated as a discussant in the panel “Envisioning the Friendship of Peoples in Cinema and Architecture: (Inter)National Imaginaries in Yugoslavia and Kazakhstan” and chaired the roundtable “Polish-Jewish Studies in the 21st Century.”

Ian Lanzillotti presented the paper “‘The Sleeping Beauty of the Caucasus’: Contemporary Views of Politics and Security in Kabardino-Balkaria.”

Morgan Liu was a discussant on the topic of “Eastern European Identities” and participated as a member of the roundtable “Material Politics: Infrastructure and Energy as New Perspectives on Central Asia.

Helen K. Myers presented her paper “Ewa Partum-An Heiress of Symbolism in Modern Polish Art.”

Jamilya Nazyrova presented the paper “Inhabiting Belgrade: The Flaneur's Experience in the City and the Phenomenon of Extended Mind.”

Carole Rogel served as chair of the panel “Scholarly Disciplines Regarding Slovenes and Slovenia: Continuity and Change in the Last Quarter Century.”

Jennifer Siegel served as chair to the panel “War and Peace during Russia’s Great War,” participated as a discussant in the panel “The Use of Law in Russia” and  presented the paper “Strip Plastika: Precarity and Femininity in the Russian Economy.”

Mark Sokolsky participated as a discussant in the panel “Environmental Histories of the Russian Far East.”

Gleb Tsipursky participated as a discussant in the panel “Schooling the Difference: Soviet Education for the Gifted and the Need” and presented the paper “Soviet Mass Cultural Life in the Early Cold War: Emotions and Conformist Agency in Amateur Arts during the Anticosmopolitan Campaign.”

Dusty Wilmes was a roundtable member of “From Tikhie to Gromkie? The Many Faces of Social Critique in Russian Contemporary Cinema.”