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The Center for Slavic and East European Studies (CSEES) maintains a collection of audiovisual materials that are available free of charge to educators, students, and civic/educational groups in Ohio, the Midwest, and the U.S. Due to space and logistical constraints, in summer 2016 CSEES integrated many of its DVDs and CDs into the University Libraries' holdings, while CSEES continues to maintain a collection of VHS, VHS converted to DVD, and DVD-PAL items. As a result of the consolidation of CSEES’ collection, many items are now available in DVD or streaming format that were previously only available on VHS.

Notes on Accessing the Collection

The detailed film lists below provide a comprehensive inventory of CSEES’ collection, providing information on the format available for all items and whether the item is held by CSEES or University Libraries. All items held by University Libraries will be accessed and used in accordance with University Libraries’ policies. If faculty would like to access a film to use in a course and need to reserve a film for a longer period of time than permitted, please contact Miroljub Ruzic, the East European/Slavic Assistant Curator ( For individuals or organizations outside of Ohio State, please contact Eileen Kunkler ( All requests with less than 7 days’ notice cannot be accommodated. 

A small number of items have been sent in advance to the Secure Media Lab to facilitate streaming for courses and this is indicated in the location field for these items.     

To access items that have the location code "CSEES", please complete our PDF icon rental form and email it to All requests with less than 7 days’ notice cannot be accommodated. For individuals or groups outside of Columbus, CSEES will cover the cost of shipping to the destination. The borrower will then need to cover return shipping costs and insure the package appropriately.

Film Lists and Format Information

Comprehensive lists (updated as of July 2018) are available below, grouped by country or region. Lists are in Excel format and can be downloaded so that the user can sort and filter titles. Each film list contains a column for English Title, Original Title (transliterated into Roman alphabet using ALA-LC Romanization tables), Country, Genre, Director, Date, Language, Subtitles, Format (DVD, VHS, streaming, or CD), Time, Part, and Location (Library/CSEES). The lists can be sorted in Excel using the Data tab and Sort function. Hyperlinks in the English Title and Original Title columns take the user to the University Libraries’ item record for items held in the library.

The inventory of a small number of items (VHS converted to DVD and DVD-PAL) are being finalized in August 2018. CSEES will post updated lists as soon as they are available.

Future Additions to Collection

Moving forward, new acquisitions of films will be overseen by University Libraries with CSEES providing funds as it is able. Faculty are encouraged to discuss what films they might need for research or teaching purposes in advance with Miroljub Ruzic, the East European/Slavic Assistant Curator (

Film Lists

File Armenian Film List

File Azeri Film List

File Baltic Film List

File Bosnian Film List

File Bulgarian Film List

File Croatian Film List

File Czech Film List

File Estonian Film List

File Georgian Film List

File German Film List

File Greek Film List

File Hungarian Film List

File Kazakh Film List

File Kosovar Film List

File Kyrgyz Film List

File Lithuanian Film List

File Macedonian Film List

File Polish Film List

File Romanian Film List

File Russian Film List

File Serbian Film List

File Slovak Film List

File Slovenian Film List

File Tajik Film List

File Turkish Film List

File Turkmen Film List

File Ukrainian Film List

File Uzbek Film List

File Yiddish Film List

File Yugoslav Film List

Please contact CSEES directly at either or (614)292-8770 if you need assistance in accessing these documents in alternate formats.