Slovene Research Initiative News

The Slovene Research Initiative (SRI) at Ohio State successfully completed its second full year. In the winter, SRI issued its Call for Proposals for its third round of exchanges to take place in 2016. M.A. Johnson, assistant professor and curator, University Libraries and Hilandar Research Library, was selected to participate as Ohio State’s faculty member. She will conduct research in Ljubljana, Slovenia in September 2016, as a continuation of the research that she started there in 2015.

Two faculty members will be sent to Ohio State from the Research Centre of the Slovene Academy of Sciences and Arts (ZRC/SAZU). In August, Dr. Zeljko Oset of the Research Centre for Humanities, University of Nova Gorica will research contacts between American and Slovene scholars after WWII, making use of the libraries and resources at Ohio State. Drago Kunej, senior research fellow and assistant professor, Institute of Ethnomusicology, ZRC/SAZU will visit both Columbus and Cleveland, Ohio to conduct research on old recordings of Slovene music made by Slovene immigrants in Ohio in October. In fall 2016, the SRI will issue another Call for Proposals for summer 2017.

Additionally, during the 2016-17 academic year, the SRI will sponsor a lecture on campus. Look for more details over the summer and fall!