Presentations at the Association for Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies National Convention

The following Ohio State faculty, staff and graduate students made presentations at the annual convention of the Association for Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies National Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Nov. 19-22, 2015.

Angela Brintlinger: Presenter, “The Case of the Missing Biographical Subject: Khodasevich and Vasily Travnikov”; and Roundtable Member, “Multidisciplinary Approaches to Biography and its Relationship to Fact.”

Alexander Burry: Panel Chair, “Refracting Fact: Footnotes, History, Politics, Faith, and Spiritualism”; and Presenter, “Statues, Rivalry, and the Uncanny in Pushkin’s and Dargomyzhsky’s The Stone Guest.

Theodora Dragostinova: Presenter, “A Modern Nation Salutes its Past: Bulgarian Cultural Diplomacy in the West in the Late Cold War”; Panel Organizer, “From Envisioning the Other to Disturbing the Divide: East-West Encounters in the Cold War”; Panel Discussant, “Constructing the Modern State in the Balkans.”

Nicole Freeman: Roundtable Member, “Polish Jews Come Home: from POLIN the Journal to POLIN the Museum.”

Ines Garcia de la Puente: Roundtable Member, “Portraits of Rus' and Its Neighbors”; and Panel Chair, “Early Rus' Chronicles: Heavenly Angels, Rus' Crusaders, and the Polovtsy.”

Helena Goscilo: Roundtable Member, “Hollywood’s Insidious Charms: The Impact of American Cinema and Television on the Soviet Bloc”; and Panel Chair, “Facts of Translation 4: Gender in Translation.”

Margaret Hanson: Co-presenter, “Authoritarian Regimes and Investment in Human Capital.”

Yana Hashamova: Roundtable Member, “Discussion of Keith Doubt’s Through the Window: Kinship and Elopement in Bosnia-Herzegovina; and Panel Chair, “From Slavic Studies to Global Studies.”

M.A. Johnson: Presenter, “Jernej Kopitar’s Collection of Slavic Manuscripts: Primary Sources for Reform”; and Panel Discussant, “Slavic Information Literacy in the Library and in the Classroom.”

Eileen Kunkler: Roundtable Member, “Alumni Relations: The Enterprise of Staying in Touch.”

Jessie Labov: Chair and Discussant, “Central Europe in Translation: Art and Thought Out of Context”; Panel Organizer, “Polish Jews Come Home: from POLIN the Journal to POLIN the Museum”; Panel Chair, “Digital Humanities: Projects, Methodology, Community”; Panel Organizer, “Sciences of Culture, Cultures of Difference: Poles and Jews as Ethnographers and Sociologists, 1920-1950”; and Panel Organizer, “Three Histories? Revisiting Polish/Jewish Historiography.”

Ian Lanzillotti: Presenter, “The Politics of Pasturage and Nation in the North Caucasus: Khasaut and the Kabardian-Karachai Conflict, 1918-1925.”

Scott Levi: Presenter, “Bukharans Abroad: Overlapping Trade Networks in Early Modern Eurasia.”

Brenna Miller: Presenter, “Transnational Networks and Muslim Identity in Socialist Yugoslavia.”

Paul Niebrzydowski: Presenter, “The American Relief Administration’s Postwar Mission in Wartime Poland, 1919-1923.”

Trenton Olsen: Presenter, “Feigned Discontents: Modernism and Prostitution between Paris and St. Petersburg in the Late Nineteenth Century.”

Sarah Orr: Presenter, “Myshkin’s Mimetic Messianism: Reconciling Errant Images and Lost Originals”; Panel Organizer, “Dostoevsky's Other Extraordinary Men: Contemporary Rereadings of Dostoevskian Protagonists.”

Carole Rogel: Panel Organizer, “Mining Slovene Archives for New Insights into the Thought and Lives of Kopitar and Bartol.”

Jennifer Siegel: Presenter, “War, Peace and Money in Late Imperial Russia.”

Mark Sokolsky: Presenter, “Green Imperialism Meets the Yellow Peril: Environment and Ethnicity in the Russian Far East, 1860-1914.”

Hannah Stewart: Presenter, “Vladimir Putin and the Media: Building a Dual Image.”