Ohio K-12 Russian Language Olympiada

By Anthony A. Adame, outreach coordinator, Center for Slavic and East European Studies

High school students from Toledo and Cincinnati visited The Ohio State University on Saturday, March 21 to compete in the annual K-12 Russian Olympiada. The competition involved more than 30 high school students from Ohio. The Department of Slavic and East European Languages and Cultures hosted the event and the Center for Slavic and East European Studies purchased prizes for the students.

Students were tested in three phases: poem recital, oral interview and map comprehension. Winners were announced at the end of the day. Below are the results.

During the competition, students had some fun eating pizza and Russian candy and cookies while watching the Russian version of the TV show The Voice.

Graduate and undergraduate students from Ohio State served as judges for the competition and a huge thank you goes out to them on behalf of the Center for Slavic and East European Studies. A special thank you also goes out to Dr. Larysa Stepanova, the language program coordinator in the Slavic department, for her work putting this event together!

Level 1:

1. Lillian O'Toole
2. Madison Dominguez
3. Louise McKinney

Level 2:

1. Skylar Coleman
2. Kelli Stewart
3. Haylee Newman

Level 3:

1. Jack Smolenski
2. Angela Byers
3. Zack Skelly