Douglas Crews


A physical anthropologist, investigates aging, disease, and other genetic and quantitative variation in Japan and Slovenia, among Samoans of the South Pacific, African Americans, and Native Americans from Brazil and Ecuador.

Dr. Crews is currently working with data collected from American Samoans, African Americans of central Ohio, and Yanomami and Cofan Indians of the Brazilian and Ecuadorian Amazon. He currently is co-investigator of a project exploring maternal health, and pregnancy outcomes among the Buthia of Sikkim State, India. Dr. Crews has a joint faculty appointment in the School of Public Health and is a member of the Graduate Interdisciplinary Specialization in Aging Coordinating Committee. Dr. Crews' graduate students are actively conducting research in Brazil, Ecuador, India, Cayo Santiago, and the United States, in addition to conducting molecular studies of the HLA system and candidate genes for diabetes, obesity, and blood pressure.

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