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Funding Opportunities

The Center for Slavic, East European and Eurasian Studies (CSEEES) offers a variety of types of funding to support students, faculty at Ohio State and in the Ohio/Midwest region, and educators at community colleges and minority-serving institutions.

Ohio State Students

The primary funding that CSEEES provides for students is through the Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowship and Polish Studies Initiative grants and scholarships.

Ohio State Faculty

For faculty at Ohio State, CSEEES periodically offers publication subventions, course development grants, and funding to support the development of modules or other products for CSEEES to use in outreach activities. Interested faculty should contact Emma Pratt, the assistant director of CSEEES, at pratt.124@osu.edu to see what opportunities may be available.

Additionally, faculty who wish to conduct research in or related to Poland should review grants offered by the Polish Studies Initiative. Grants are awarded annually with applications usually due in February. The Slovene Research Initiative also funds an annual faculty exchange program with applications typically due in January.

Ohio and Midwest Faculty

For faculty in the Ohio and Midwest region whose work focuses on Eastern Europe and Eurasia, CSEEES offers small research travel grants that support travel to a regional library, archive, or other place for research. A call for applications is circulated annually. Interested faculty should contact Emma Pratt at pratt.124@osu.edu to see what opportunities may be available.

Faculty at Community Colleges and Minority-Serving Institutions

As a Comprehensive Title VI National Resource Center, a part of CSEEES' mission is to work with community colleges and minority-serving institutions to broaden access to courses and learning opportunities that relate to Eastern Europe and Eurasia. To this end, CSEEES partners with other Title VI centers to run an annual course development grant application.

CSEEES also partners with individual community colleges and minority-serving institutions to carry out specific activities such as sponsoring course development, pedagogical training, and film and lecture series. Please contact Emma Pratt at pratt.124@osu.edu if you are interested in partnering with CSEEES.