2023 Midwest Slavic Conference Panel Schedule


2023 Midwest Slavic Conference Panels

Panels subject to change; CSEEES will notify panelists in case of changes. 

All panels will take place in the Blackwell Inn and Conference Center.


Saturday, March 25

8:00-8:30AM - Registration and Coffee

2nd Floor Foyer, Pfahl hall

8:30-10:15AM - Plenary Panel

Pfahl Hall, Room 202

Moderator: Dr. Valeria Sobol (U. of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)

  • Dr. Anna Barker (U. of Iowa)
  • Dr. Philip Gleissner (Ohio State U.)
  • Dr. Jarosław Szczepański (U. of Warsaw)

10:15-10:30AM - Coffee Break 

2nd Floor Foyer, Pfahl hall

10:30AM-12:00PM - Session 1

    1.A: Film Adaptation as Border Crossing
    Pfahl Hall, Room 202

    Panel Chair: Dr. Alexander Burry (Ohio State U.)

    • "Tolstoy’s The Death of Ivan Ilyich, Kurosawa’s Ikiru, and Rose’s Ivansxtc" by Victoria Paige (Ohio State U.)
    • "The Idiot Today" by Mykyta Tyshchenko (Ohio State U.)
    • "The Simple Death of Ivan Ilyich" by Lejla Vesković (Ohio State U.)
    1.B: Migration and Displacement of Polish communities past and present
    Pfahl Hall, Room 230

    Panel Chair: Dr. Diana Sacilowski (Ohio State U.)

    • "German Athens, Polish Athens? The Polish Diaspora in Milwaukee, Wisconsin" by Alyssa Bryl (U. of Wisconsin, Madison)
    • "Conquering the Regained Lands: Organizing New Territory as a Part of Existing Political Structures in Eastern Prawo i pięść (1964)" by Dr. Wojciech Lewandowski (U. of Warsaw)
    • "Displacement of Ukrainians Polish Perspective" by Aneta Sobieraj-Skórski (SWPS U. of Social Sciences and Humanities)
    1.C: Text and Discourse
    Pfahl Hall, Room 240

    Panel Chair: Dr. Daniel Collins (Ohio State U.)

    • “An Analysis of the Effect of Greek Texts on Negative Concord in Old Church Slavic” by Nakita Barakadyn (U. of Georgia)
    • "On Discourse Particle Clusters in Lithuanian: The Case of Demonstrative Particles" by Dr. Anna Ruskan (Vilnius U.)
    • "On the Co-occurrence and Ordering of Lithuanian Interrogative Particles in Fiction and Spoken Discourse" by Dr. Audronė Šolienė (Vilnius U.)
    1.d: Writing and Reflecting History
    Pfahl Hall, Room 330

    Panel Chair: Dr. Peter Millich (Washington U. in St. Louis)

    • “Uzbek Author Abdulla Qahhor and the Thaw” by Dr. Christopher Fort (American U. in Central Asia)
    • “'The Last Hurrah' And Its Echoes From 1985” by Jackelyn Samandas (Kenyon College)
    • “Natalia Shelikhova: Understanding Women’s Space in the Russian Empire" by Laurel Tollison (U. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
    • “Unlearning Religion in Churches: Why did Soviet Anti-religious Museums Fail?” by Liya Xie (Princeton U.)
    1.e: Diasporas and Cultural Transformation and Representation 
    Pfahl Hall, Room 340

    Panel Chair: Dr. Keith Doubt (Wittenberg U.)

    • "Visualizing Displacement: Images of Migrants and Refugees in Serbia’s Media" by Dr. Aleksandra Krstić (U. of Belgrade)
    • "(Dis)Solving Macedonia: Displacement and Progress in British Balkanist Narratives, 1903-14" by Tom Musgrove (Queen Mary U. of London)
    • "Resilience, Adaptations, and Flourishing of a Group of Serbian Scientists in the U.S. Upon the Breakup of Yugoslavia and Challenges with and Opportunities for Scientific Reconnections with the Long-left Homeland" by Dr. Jelena Pokimica (Boise State U.)
    • "Cooperation of Slovenian Migrant Organizations in Bosnia and Herzegovina" by Dr. Marijanca Ajša Vižintin (Slovenian Migration Institute ZRC SAZU, U. of Nova Gorica)

    12:00-1:30PM - Lunch Break (on your own) 

    1:30-3:00PM - Session 2

      2.A: Film Adaptation as Subversive Practice
      Pfahl Hall, Room 202

      Panel Chair: Dr. Alexander Burry (Ohio State U.)

      • "Potent Magic, Impotent Religion: Anti-Religion in Ershov and Kropachyov’s Viy" by Andrey Ridling (Ohio State U.)
      • "Adapting the Female Vampire: From Gogol’s “Viy” to Kadijević’s Sveto Mesto" by Siobhan Seigne (Ohio State U.)
      • "Adaptation as a Political Act: Andrzej Wajda on the Nature of Power in Siberian Lady Macbeth" by Aleksandra Shubina (Ohio State U.)
      2.B: Queer Activism Across Borders
      Pfahl Hall, Room 230

      Panel Chair: Dr. Philip Gleissner (Ohio State U.)

      • “Queer Activism on Social Media Under the 'Gay Propaganda’ Law” by Sofia Bachman (Ohio State U.)
      • “Considerations of LGBTQ+ Activists in Central Europe” by Joseph Ernst (Ohio State U.)
      • “QUEER.RU: Documenting LGBTQ+ Rights, Culture & Activism in Contemporary Russia” by Maya Miller (Michigan State U.)
      • “’Political’ asylum-seekers: Transnational and Local Activism in the Post-Soviet Queer Diaspora in New York City’ by Alexandra Novitskaya (Indiana U., Bloomington)
      2.C: Communicating in the Classroom and Beyond:  Pedagogical Applications of Language and Linguistics
      Pfahl Hall, Room 240

      Panel Chair: Dr. Ljiljana Duraskovic (U. of Pittsburgh)

      • "Lex-See: A Visualization Tool for improving Second Language Reading" by Katherine Challis (Iowa State U.)
      • "Ibn Fadlan’s Journey to Eastern Europe" by Ayman Elbarbary (Ohio U.)
      • "Politeness in the American and Russian Cultures: How Cultural Differences Impact Language Choices" by Varvara Kurylova (U. of Cincinnati)
        2.d: Art and the Physical World
        Pfahl Hall, Room 330

        Panel Chair: Dr. Adela Lechintan-Siefer (Ohio State U.)

        • "Political and Cinematic Narratives of Volodymyr Vynnychenko" by Dr. Olga Kyrylova (U. of Kansas)
        • "The Ends of Cinema and the Ends of Socialism" by Dr. Julia Keblinska (Ohio State U.)
        • "Livings of Futures Past: Bonev’s Sinking of Sozopol (2014) as Non-City Text" by Dr. David Molina (U. of Chicago)
        2.e: Future Slavic Scholars of Howard U.
        Pfahl Hall, Room 340

        Panel Chair: Dr. Brunilda Amarilis Lugo De Fabritz (Howard U.)

        • "Mental Health Care Disparities in Russia and the United States" by Kristal Alston (Howard U.)
        • "Pushkin’s African Heritage and its Effects on His Career" by Jayda Peets (Howard U.)
        • “The African American Experience in Russia” by Aaliyah Seabrooks (Howard U.)
        • "Pushkin Parallels: An In-Depth Look into the Similarities of Alexander Pushkin's Works of Literature and His Life" by Naomi Shead (Howard U.)

        3:00-3:15PM - Coffee Break

        2nd Floor Foyer, Pfahl hall

        3:15-4:45PM - Session 3

        3.A: Albanian Linguistics I: Historical and synchronic perspectives
        Pfahl Hall, Room 202

        Panel Chair: Dr. Brian Joseph (Ohio State U.)

        • “Untangling the knot: On the status of the Albanian nyja e përparme” by Clayton Marr (Ohio State U.)
        • “Morphological and Phonological Causes of Albanian Nasals and its Parallels with Other Laws” by Lindon Dedvukaj (Ohio State U.) and Patrick Gehringer (U. of Kentucky)
        • “Illumination from Albanian Bee-laws on Bee-related Material Elsewhere in Indo-European” by Dr. Bethany Christiansen and Dr. Brian Joseph (Ohio State U.)
        3.B:  Queer Methods in Eastern European Studies
        Pfahl Hall, Room 230

        Panel Chair: Dr. Jennifer Suchland (Ohio State U.)

        • "Queer(ing) Russian Art: Theoretical Frameworks" by Dr. Brian Baer (Kent State U.)
        • "Queer Periodical Studies: The Case of Russia’s Lesbian and Gay Magazine Culture" by Dr. Philip Gleissner (Ohio State U.)
        • "Conspiracy Theory as Epistemology, Gaslighting as Method: Anti-Gender Knowledge Production in the United States and Hungary" by Joie Meier (Indiana U., Bloomington)
        3.C: Interdisciplinary Topics on the Balkans
        Pfahl Hall, Room 240

        Panel Chair: Dr. Aleksandra Krstić (U. of Belgrade)

        • "Seeing Through Football: Crafting Tito’s Yugoslavian Vision with Football" by Garrett Lewis (Saginaw Valley State U.) 
        • “Yugoslav Wars: A Case Study on Peacekeeping Efforts in Bosna-Hercegovina” by Michelle Lucic (Ohio State U.)
        • "Reimagining Rijeka: Fiumanita and Local Resistance to State-led Identity Building Projects in the Aftermath of World Wars I and II, 1918-1961" by Joseph Sailor (Georgetown U.)
        • "State Sponsored Jewish Migrations: Toward a Comprehensive Genealogy of Yugoslavia’s Non-Aligned Movement" by Madeline Stull (Indiana U., Bloomington)
        3.d: Cultural Collisions in Literature, Music, and Visual Arts 
        Pfahl Hall, Room 330

        Panel Chair:  Dr. Timothy Pogačar (Bowling Green State U.)

        • "Emigrants of the Third Wave and Soviet Underground Song Culture" by Elizabeth Abosch (U. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
        • "Tchaikovsky and the Nazis: Three Theses" by Philip Decker (Princeton U.)
        • "The Poetics of Alienhood in Late Soviet Sci-Fi and Indigenous Literature" by Brian Yang (U. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
        3.e: Culture Contact and Consequences: Slavic Diaspora in Ohio and Beyond
        Pfahl Hall, Room 340

        Panel Chair: Randall Rowe (U. of Cincinnati) 

        • "History of the Czechs in Ohio and Elsewhere in the Midwest" by Dr. Martin Nekola (Independent scholar)
        • "Subversion and the Double Burden in Varvara Gaigerova’s Suite for Viola and Piano, Op. 8" by Jacy Pedersen (U. of Cincinnati) 
        • "The Road To Hell: Why Good Intentions in Eastern Europe May Lead to More Death and Destruction" by MacKenzie Thompson (U. of Cincinnati) 
        • "Refuge in Cincinnati: The Evolution of Slavic Culture Amidst War" by Ilya Whitaker (U. of Cincinnati)

        Sunday, March 26

        8:00-8:30AM - Registration and Breakfast

        2nd Floor Foyer, Pfahl hall

        8:30-10:00AM - Session 4

        4.A: Albanian Linguistics II: Sociolinguistic perspectives
        Pfahl Hall, Room 202

        Panel Chair: Dr. Brian Joseph (Ohio State U.)

        • “Language Change in Endangered Languages: The Case of Arbëresh” by Dr. Eda Derhemi (U. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
        • “Reworking the Sociolinguistic Interview for a Heritage Context: The Case of Albanian” by Dr. Carly Dickerson (Rutgers U.)
        • “Albanian Personal Names and Ethnic (Dis)Identification in a Migrant Context” by Rexhina Ndoci (Ohio State U.)
        4.B: Tourism, Ecotourism, and Environmentalism
        Pfahl Hall, Room 230

        Panel Chair: Dr. Christopher Fort, (American U. in Central Asia)

        • "Tourism in the Balkans as a Worlding Practice" by Shannon Curley (Ohio State U.)
        • "Challenges to Energy Security in an Unstable Political Environment: The Case of Romania" by Ioana Vancea (Babeș-Bolyai U. Cluj)
        • "Responsibility, Neglect, and Environmentalism in Chekhov’s Uncle Vanya" by Bailee Wolfe (Ohio State U.)
        4.C: Eastern European and Eurasian Identities in Flux
        Pfahl Hall, Room 302

        Panel Chair: Dr. Marianna Klochko (Ohio State U.)

        • "The Ghosts of Taras Bul'ba: The Cossack Image in the Ukrainian Military" by Dr. Richard Arnold (Muskingum U.)
        • “Motherland in the Home: Russian Motherhood and its Impacts on the Perpetuation of the Russian Identity” by Marin Deevers (U. of Cincinnati)
        • “Wounding Interethnic Ritual Kinship: Kumstvo in Ukraine” by Dr. Keith Doubt (Wittenberg U.)
        • “Trends and Patterns of 'Freedom of Movement' within the Eurasian Economic Union since February 2022” by Justin Tomczyk (Stanford U.)

        10:00-10:15AM - Coffee Break

        2nd Floor Foyer, Pfahl hall

        10:15-11:45AM - Session 5

        5.A: Émigré Writers and Musicians
        Pfahl Hall, Room 202

        Panel Chair: Dr. Angela Brintlinger (Ohio State U.)

        • "Chess as Art in Nabokov's Novels" by August Hagemann (U. of Illinois)
        • "Russian Emigration Through the Lens of Bunin’s Diaries" by Elizaveta Senatorova (U. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
        • "Names, Race, and Identity in Hamid Ismailov's The Underground" by Michelle Verbitskaya (Ohio State U.)
        5.B: Future Scholars of East European and Eurasian Studies
        Pfahl Hall, Room 230

        Panel Chair: Dr. Sunnie Rucker-Chang (Ohio State U.)

        • "Chinese Diaspora in Petrograd 1918-1921" by Aleksei Epishev (U. of Illinois at Chicago)
        • "Socialist Human Rights on Display: Crafting East German Legitimacy at the United Nations" by Margaret McCool (Indiana U., Bloomington)
        • “European Travelers’ Transfer of Knowledge about the Caspian Sea, ca. 1558-1783” by Di Wang (Ohio State U.)
        • “The Literary and Military Conquest of the Caucasus: A Captive of the Caucasus and A Hero of Our Time as a Mirror of the Caucasian War of 1817-1864” by Eden Zorne (U. of Toronto)
        5.C: Post-Soviet History
        Pfahl Hall, Room 240

        Panel Chair: Dr. Karen Petrone (U. of Kentucky)

        • “Putin and Stalin, Carceral Disciplinarians” by Dr. Irina Dzero (Kent State U.)
        • “Is Russia Riding the Whirlwind?” by Dr. Peter Millich (Washington U. in St. Louis)
        • “Cherkizovsky Market as a Dangerous Urban Place” by Mikhail Svirin (Miami U.)
        5.d: Processing Foreign Models 
        Pfahl Hall, Room 302

        Panel Chair: Dr. James McGavran (Kenyon College)

        • "Portable Provinces: Miłosz, Faulkner, and the Imaginary Homeland" by Dr. Clare Cavanagh (Northwestern U.)
        • "Grief Revised: Understanding Gogol through Jonathon Young and Crystal Pite’s Revisor" by Dr. Kathleen Manukyan (U. of Pittsburgh)
        • "When a Girl Loves and Other Novels in Czech-American Newspapers" by Dr. Timothy Pogačar (Bowling Green State U.)