Midwest Slavic Conference Panel Schedule

2019 Midwest Slavic Conference Panels

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Panels subject to change; CSEES will notify panelists in case of changes. 

All panels will take place in the Blackwell Inn and Conference Center. Panel room numbers TBD.

Saturday, April 6

8:00-8:30 - Registration & Breakfast

8:30-10:15 - Plenary Panel

"1989 and Its Effects on Central and Eastern Europe"

Moderator: Dr. Vitaly Chernetsky, U. of Kansas


  • Dr. Krisztina Fehervary, U. of Michigan
  • Dr. Venelin Ganev, Miami U.
  • Dr. Mark Svede, Ohio State U.

10:15-10:30 - Coffee Break 

10:30-12:00 - Session 1

1.a Eastern Europe After 1989 

Panel Chair: Dr. Richard Arnold, Muskingum U.
Room: Pfahl Hall 302

"What 1989 Wrought: Reassessing That Elusive 'Peace Dividend'" by Dr. Peter Milich, Washington U. in St. Louis

"Cain Could Have Killed Abel Anywhere: Apologies and Non-Apologies in Post-Communist Europe" by Lillian Posner, Georgetown U.

"The Many Faces of Postcolonialism: Poland After 1989" by Aneta Sobieraj-Skorski, U. of Vienna

1.b Slavic Languages: Varia

Panel Chair: Dr. Brian Joseph, Ohio State U.
Room: Pfahl Hall 330

"Digraphia in Serbian Online Communities: Convenience and Ideology" by Austin Mack, Chandini White, Shelby Smith, Charlotte Walkey, and Dr. Andrea D. Sims, Ohio State U. 

"Russian Equivalents of English Verb + For Predicates: Semantic and Pragmatic Factors in Their Collocability" by Ke Lin, Ohio State U.

"Effects of Relative Frequency on Word Processing in Russian and English" by Michelle McKenzie and Dr. Andrea D. Sims, Ohio State U.

1.c World War II and Its Aftermath

Panel Chair: Dr. Patryk Pleskot, Institute Of National Remembrance-Warsaw
Room: Pfahl Hall 340

"The Articulation of the Oppressed: Prostheses and Soviet Power in the Twentieth-Century" by Michael J. Corsi, Ohio State U.

"From Motherland to Fatherland: The Repatriation of German Prisoners of War From the Soviet Union, 1945-1956" by Susan Grunewald, Carnegie Mellon U.

1.d Kievan Rus'

Panel Chair: Jonathon Dreeze, Ohio State U.
Room: Pfahl Hall 240

"A Woman’s Place is on the Throne: A Study of Queenship in Medieval Rus'" by Jessica Stormoen, Wittenberg U.

"Inclusion in Rus': Understanding City-State Identity and Sovereignty" by Danny Barren, Wittenberg U.

1.e Politics of Remembering

Panel Chair: Dr. Neringa Klumbytė, Miami U.
Room: Pfahl Hall 230

"Embodied Memory and Viewer Engagement: Prague's Memorial to the Victims of Communism" by Grace Nelson, Bowling Green State U.

"Socialist Objecthood: Boris Ignatovich’s Animation of the Object" by Lucas Plazek, U. of Illinois at Chicago

"Collapsing State, Surviving Architecture" by Ashley Bigham, Ohio State U.

"UNESCO, UNES-CO? : Competing Narratives of Authenticity in Český Krumlov" by Quinn O'Dowd, U. of Illinois

12:00-1:30 - Lunch Break (on your own)

1:30-3:00 - Session 2

2. a History, Identity and Literary Representation

Panel Chair: Dr. Irina Stakhanova, Bowling Green State U.
Room: Pfahl Hall 330

"'Extraordinary Man' Unleashed: Crime and Punishment Reimagined in Bresson's Pickpocket" by Matthew Burns, Ohio State U.

"Mykola Gogol: Ukrainian, Russian, and Both? Shared Memory as a Source of Ruptures" by Nataliya Shpylova-Saeed, Indiana U.

"Raskolnikov: Dostoevsky's Critique of Nihilism" by Luke Zelich, Ohio State U.

2. b Studies in Non-Slavic East European Languages 

Panel Chair: Dr. Andrea D. Sims, Ohio State U.
Room: Pfahl Hall 340

"The Perception of Good Wishes in Modern Greek" by Rexhina Ndoci, Ohio State U.

"Albanian Rhotics and Social Meaning" by Carly Dickerson, Ohio State U.

"English Loan Verb Integration in Romanian" by Riley Wagner, Ohio State U.

2.c The Culture of Post-Communism

Panel Chair: Dr. Peter Milich, Washington U. in St. Louis
Room: Pfahl Hall 240

"1989: The Return of the Tabloid" by Dr. Vladimir Polach, Palacký U.

"The ‘One-Time Bag’: The Plastic Grocery Bag in Late Communist and Early Post-Communist Eastern Europe" by Leah Valtin-Erwin, Indiana U.

2.d Constructing Otherness: Space, Gender and Body

Panel Chair: Dr. Angela Brintlinger, Ohio State U.
Room: Pfahl Hall 230

"Insanity and Alcoholism … With a Human Face: Comparative Analysis of Hristo Boychev’s The Colonel Bird and Dušan Jovanović’s The Boozski Clinic" by Dr. Mila Shevchenko, Ohio U.

"Alphonse Mucha’s Posters: The Portrayal of Confident Women" by Nicole Gerth, Wright State U.

3:00-3:15 - Coffee Break

3:15-4:45 - Session 3

3.a 1989 in East Central Europe

Panel Chair: Dr. Vladimir Polach, Palacky U.
Room: Pfahl Hall 240

"Between Enthusiasm and Fear: Western Political Reactions Towards the Polish Political Transformation of 1989" by Dr. Patryk Pleskot, Institute of National Remmebrance-Warsaw

"The Great Divide: 50th Anniversary of the Slovak Secession" by Jakub Šimkovič, Slovak Centre of Scientific and Technical Information/Charles U.

3.b Russian Foreign Policy

Panel Chair: Dr. Gerry Hudson, Ohio State U.
Room: Pfahl Hall 302

"Sochi 2014 vs. FIFA 2018: What Can Sporting Megaevents Tell Us About Russia?" by Dr. Richard Arnold and Ian Pray, Muskingum U.

"Russia's Drive for Black Activists" by Sophia Williams, Howard U.

3.c Propaganda and Mass Culture in the Soviet Union

Panel Chair: Dr. Epp Annus, Ohio State U.
Room: Pfahl Hall 230

"‘Fatalistic Hopelessness’: Soviet Propaganda in Northern Kazakhstan During Collectivization, 1929-1930" by Jonathon Dreeze, Ohio State U.

"Songs of War: A Comparative Analysis of Soviet and American Popular Songs During WWII" by Mary MacDonald, Ohio State U.

"Authoritarian Laughter: Censorship, Secrecy, and Humor in Soviet Lithuanian Political Culture" by Dr. Neringa Klumbyte, Miami U.

"Framing Robeson: Soviet Representation of Paul Robeson’s Image" by Dr. B. Amarilis Lugo de Fabritz, Howard U.

3.d Learner-Centered Approaches to Teaching Russian Literature and Culture

Panel Chair: Dr. Ljiljana Duraskovic, U. of Pittsburgh
Room: Pfahl Hall 330

"Literature as Data: Introduction to Quantitative Text Analysis in a Russian Literature Course" by Dr. Irina Stakhanova, Bowling Green State U.

"Rock Kills Communism. Teaching Culture. Understanding Politics. The Strange Evolution of a Mini-Course on Polish Rock and Punk Music" by Dr. Piotr Westwalewicz, U. of Michigan, Ann Arbor

“'They’ve Got the Byt!': Using Poetry and the Gendering of the Everyday in Teaching Russian Culture" by Dr. Angela Brintlinger, Ohio State U.


Sunday, April 7

8:00-8:30 - Registration & breakfast

8:30-10:00 - Session 4

4.a Imagery and Symbolism in 19th and Early 20th Century Russian Literature

Panel Chair: Dr. B. Amarilis Lugo de Fabritz, Howard U.
Room: Pfahl Hall 230

"The Path of an Image(s): Rags, War, and Clouds in Andrei Belyi’s Petersburg (1916)" by David Molina, U. of Chicago

"A Cautionary Tale: The Queen of Spades as a Masonic Parable" by Jacob Beard, Ohio State U.

4.b Contemporary Issues in the Slavic and East European World

Panel Chair: Dr. Marianna Klochko, Ohio State U.
Room: Pfahl Hall 340

"The Kuril Islands Dispute Between Russia and Japan" by Helen McHenry, Ohio State U.

"Civilian Control in Carceral Space: A Case Study of the Krasnojarsk Public Oversight Commission" by Brenden Wood, Ohio State U.

"Russian Propaganda - Why Should We Care? A Cultural Studies Framework" by Ty Miller, U. of Colorado-Boulder

4.c From Supranationalism to Nationalism and Vice Versa: Socialist Integrative Projects in Yugoslavia and Albania and Their Collapse

Panel Chair: Dr. Keith Doubt, Wittenberg U.
Room: Pfahl Hall 240

"The End of Tito’s Legacy: Renaming of Toponyms as a Symbol of Identity, History and Power" by Dr. Ljiljana Duraskovic, U. of Pittsburgh

"From Red to White Sugar: The Collapse of Communism and the End of Autarchic Development in Albania" by Artan Hoxha, U. of Pittsburgh

"Contemporary Bosnian, Croatian, and Serbian Writing: Literature of the 1990s and Transition to the New Millennium" by Frane Karabatić, U. of Kansas

4.d Post-Socialist European Literature and Film

Panel Chair: Dr. Timothy Pogačar, Bowling Green State U.
Room: Pfahl Hall 302

"Lonely Childhood: Moldovan 'Left-Behind Children' in Liliana Corobca's Kinderland" by Maria Cantemir, Ohio State U.

"The Reception of Slovak Interwar Novels Before and After Year 1989" by Peter Kudelka, Charles U.

10:00-10:15 - Coffee Break

10:15-11:45 - Session 5

5.a America and the Soviet Bloc

Panel Chair: Dr. Philip Gleissner, Ohio State U.
Room: Pfahl Hall 302

"A 'Third Possibility' Revolution: The Success of Émigré Reporting Networks at Radio Free Europe During Poland’s 1956 Thaw" by Frances Cayton, U. of North Carolina

"The 'Other America' and East German Identity" by Philip Decker, U. of Oxford

"Détente in the Western Reserve" by Pietro Shakarian, Ohio State U.

"Championing Labor: The American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO) and the Polish Solidarity Movement" by Danialle Stebbins, Miami U.

5.b Past and Present: Re-Imagining European Identity

Panel Chair: Dr. Sunnie Rucker-Chang, U. of Cincinnati
Room: Pfahl Hall 330

"Old Surehand and Jules Verne at the Battle of White Mountain: Fiction in Slavic-American Newspapers" by Dr. Timothy Pogačar, Bowling Green State U.

“Antigone, Hegel, and Judith Butler: Justice as a Trans-ethnic Passion in Đorđe Balašević’s Ballad, Ne Lomite Mi Bagrenje (Don't Break My Blackwood Trees)”

" by Dr. Keith Doubt, Wittenburg U.

5.c Post-Soviet Russian Literature

Panel Chair: Dr. Helena Goscilo, Ohio State U.
Room: Pfahl Hall 240

"All the Forest Scaries: Fear Taxonomies in The Slynx" by Walker Griggs, Oberlin College

"Imprisoned at Home: The Topography of Kafka's The Metamorphosis and Petrushevskaya's Hygiene" by Natasha Rubanova, Indiana U.

5.d National Images in a Comparative Perspective

Panel Chair: Frane Karabatić, U. of Kansas
Room: Pfahl Hall 230

"The Ideology of Folklore and an Authentic Past in Serbia and Croatia" by Elizabeth McBean, Ohio State U.

"Mikhail Skobelev: The Creation and Persistence of a Legend" by Duncan Richardson, Ohio State U.