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Central Asia

This page contains online resources for the region of Central Asia. Countries that are currently covered in these resources include Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan. If you are an educator that would like to request a specific topic for an online module or resources guide, please email us at cseees@osu.edu.

  • Central Asia in World History Unit Plans

    • Countries: Central Asia (broadly), Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan
    • Participants of the 2016 Central Asia in World History developed a final unit plan based on their research during the Summer Institute. These unit plans were developed based on the subjects and interests of the teachers, and in consultation with the Director, Dr. Scott Levi, and master teacher, Bobbie Mucha. These lesson plans are available for viewing and free to download to assist other teachers who wish to teach more about Central Asia.
  • An Introduction to Uzbekistan

    • Created by: Henry Misa (Ohio State U.), Alisher Khaliyarov (Ohio State U.), and Dr. Madina Djuraeva (World Instructional Design and Assessment)
    • Countries: Uzbekistan
    • Format: u.osu.edu website.
  • Uzbek

    • Created by: Kamola Azimova (Ohio State U.)
    • Countries: Uzbekistan
    • Format: u.osu.edu website
  • CSEEES K-14 Feminism and Women’s Rights in Eastern Europe and Eurasia Resource Padlet

    • Curated by: Alicia Baca
    • Countries: Czechia, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Poland and Russia 
    • Format: Padlet
    • This resource guide was created as a component of our 2023-24 Global Fellowship Program that focused on women's rights and issues across the globe. This Padlet contains links to articles, books, music, films, inclusive language resources, and educational resources for K-12 and community college educators who are wanting to learn more about the subject or want to find resources that are appropriate and interesting for their students. This resource will be updated periodically. If you have resources that you would like to see included or need to report a broken link, please email CSEEES' outreach coordinator, Alicia Baca (baca.31@osu.edu).