2016 Undergraduate Russian Olympiada

February 29, 2016

2016 Undergraduate Russian Olympiada

Ohio State University Russian Olympiada participants at Kent State

The 2016 Undergraduate Russian Olympiada was held at Kent State University on Saturday, February 27th. Over fifty students participated in the event from five universities, including The Ohio State University, Bowling Green State University, Oberlin College, College of Wooster and Kent State University. There were six Russian language levels in which the participants competed. Congratulations to all of the competitors! 





Level 1:

1st Place: Erin Tupman, College of Wooster

2nd Place: Olivia Carter, Ohio State University

3rd Place: Tori Ervin, Oberlin College

Level 2:

1st Place: Thomas Huffman, Bowling Green State University

2nd Place: Aidan Brown, College of Wooster

3rd Place: Alexander Angle, Ohio State University

Level 3:

1st Place: Rachael Brown, Kent State University

2nd Place: Andrew Langmeier, Bowling Green State University

3rd Place: Jamison Tutak, Bowling Green State University

Level 4:

1st Place: Jennifer Bird, Oberlin College

2nd Place: Kyle Wade, Kent State University

3rd Place: Travis Askew, Kent State University

Level 5:

1st Place: Megan Kupka, Ohio State University

2nd Place: Alexander Pantich, Ohio State University

Heritage Speakers:

1st Place:  Lusia Betts, Kent State University

2nd Place: Nikita Segalchik, Ohio State University

3rd Place: Athena Ermidis, Ohio State University