Ohio State Offers New Study Abroad Opportunities in Serbia

September 13, 2023

Ohio State Offers New Study Abroad Opportunities in Serbia

Ohio State students and faculty in Mokra Gora, Serbia

Written by Sophie Papp, CSEEES Autumn 2023 Intern

Ohio State is partnering with Clemson University to offer two new study abroad programs in Belgrade, Serbia–one during spring semester and one during summer term. Both programs provide the opportunity to take courses at the University of Belgrade for Ohio State political science credit, meet with NGO leaders and government officials, and explore Serbia and the broader Balkan region. Below are further descriptions for each program. 

Clemson University: International Relations and European Politics (spring term) 

Earn Ohio State credit in Belgrade, the crossroads of Europe and the capital of Serbia! Satisfy your political science major requirements while spending a semester abroad gaining a true international perspective. All courses are taught in English by top University of Belgrade professors. The academic program will consist of five courses (15 credit hours total). 

The program includes numerous opportunities to interact with Serbian students, officials in the Serbian government, and representatives of local NGOs. The program includes several excursions within Serbia and the Balkan region. Students will gain a truly international perspective on world politics and international relations while studying and living in Belgrade, a cosmopolitan European capital city. 

Clemson University: European Post-Conflict Societies (summer term) 

This program provides a unique opportunity to learn about the world and Europe–a troubled history and current developments, culture and most importantly about people–by living there submerged in a foreign yet safe and friendly environment. You will meet people from all strata of life and absorb new knowledge by socializing with your peers and making friends and experiencing all aspects of life in one of the most vibrant and hospitable European capitals which never sleeps and where people live a rich social life. You will enjoy the unparalleled beauty of the Mediterranean coast, see three of the best-preserved medieval cities in the world and experience the magnificent Adriatic Sea beaches. The program involves a lot of traveling and excursions to major cultural sites, as well as meetings and discussions with local NGO leaders and government officials. 

Applicants must complete the OIA Global Education application as well as the Clemson University application by the Ohio State deadline (October 1 for spring programs, February 1 for summer programs). For further information, visit globaleducation.osu.edu or get in touch with Ohio State’s program contact, Michael Volk at volk.89@osu.edu