Higher Education Institutions

In addition to working with K-12 education institutions, the Center for Slavic and East European Studies (CSEES) works with higher education institutions, including working with community colleges, historically black colleges and universities, and minority-serving institutions throughout the Midwest and country to offer programs on Eastern Europe and Eurasia and to increase the international content of campuses and curriculums.

Our current partners include:

Professional Development Stipends

CSEES provides stipends to faculty to support the seeding of courses, participation at East European and Eurasian conferences, or the purchase of classroom materials related to Eastern Europe and Eurasia.  Please contact the assistant director of CSEES, Eileen Kunkler, at kunkler.10@osu.edu to inquire about funding opportunities.

Annual Curriculum Development Stipend Competition

Faculty at community colleges and minority-serving instituions are eligible to submit an application for a curriculum development stipend througha collaborative program with six National Resource Centers from across the country. The 2015 application is now closed, but please check back in October 2016 for information on the 2016 proposal application.

International Conference on Conflict Resolution Education

Faculty at community colleges and minority-serving institutions can also apply to receive up to $1,000 to attend the 2016 International Conflict Resolution Education Conference. By attending the conference, faculty should use the material from the conference and connections made there to develop or redesign a course, program, or workshop at their home institution that contains significant content on Eastern Europe/Eurasia. The demonstrable result of this work should be the implementation of the proposed course or program that enrolls and/or engages students at the home institution in learning about Eastern Europe and Eurasia. The faculty member will be required to submit a copy of the syllabus or program agenda/proposal by July 31st, 2016 to demonstrate completion of the work. Staff from CSEES will continue to follow-up with awarded faculty for one to two years following the conference to see when the course/program is offered, enrollment, and whether it becomes a continuing course/program.

Funds will be awarded to the faculty member through a subaward to their home institution. Before submitting a proposal, faculty should contact their home institution’s grants department to make sure that this is clear and that systems are in place to process and receive this subaward.

To submit a proposal, faculty should first email csees@osu.edu to state their institution affiliation and general idea for their proposal so that CSEES can determine eligibility. Then, a complete proposal should be submitted to csees@osu.edu that includes a one-page description of the proposed course or program, including how it will include content about Eastern Europe and Eurasia and how attending the conference will enable completion. An itemized budget must be provided as well. Applicable costs include conference registration, travel, and purchase of curriculum materials. Proposals must be received Monday, April 25th

Film and Lecture Series

Working with Ohio State University faculty, graduate students, and CSEES' outreach coordinator, CSEES can assist in developing and organizing lectures and film series at campuses of other higher education institutions.  Each year, CSEES collects available lecture topics from its associated faculty and graduate students and can work with an institution if a particular topic or theme is wanted.  With its wide collection of East European and Eurasian films, CSEES can loan films to schools and offer lectures or presentations to facilitate a discussion of the film as well.  If interested in establishing a film or lecture series, pleace contact the outreach coordinator of CSEES, Kathryn Metz, at metz.235@osu.edu.   

Career Development Information

Staff at CSEES can also assist with career development resources.  In particular, CSEES offers information sessions on international careers and using international/area studies knowledge and language skills professionally, preparing students interested in careers in the non-profit and government sectors, and international business.  Presentations and resources give tips on writing resumes and cover letters, majors and languages to consider, and career possibilities.  Please contact Eileen Kunkler at kunkler.10@osu.edu to setup a career presentation at your school.