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A primary mission of the Center for Slavic and East European Studies (CSEES) is to work with Ohio K-12 schools to promote the knowledge and understanding of Eastern Europe and Eurasia by bringing the cultures, histories, and languages of these regions into the classroom. CSEES does this by offering lectures and presentations, loaning classroom materials, developing lesson plans and curriculum guides, organizing teacher training workshops, and providing funding for professional development opportunities. Topics and formats are designed to align with Ohio education content standards. Through these activities, CSEES fosters the 21st century learning and increased global competencies of Ohio K-12 students. All services and trainings are provided free-of-charge.

Teacher Trainings Programs

Currently, CSEES supports four primary teacher training programs. All programs are free and open to any pre- or in-service teacher in Ohio.

CSEES Annual Teacher Training Workshop

Each fall CSEES organizes a one-day workshop on a timely topic affecting Eastern Europe and/or Eurasia. The workshop is typically held on a Saturday morning in September or October and features a guest expert, selected readings, and a curriculum resource for attendees.

The Area Studies Centers K-12 Global Fellowship Program

A seven-month professional development opportunity for teachers featuring discussion groups led by guest experts that gives participants a deep dive into a particular topic across multiple world regions. 

The Area Studies Centers Global Teacher Seminar

A week-long, intensive seminar usually held in early June that addresses a globally relevant topic.

The Engaging Eurasia Teacher Fellowship Program

In conjunction with Harvard University, the University of Pittsburgh, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison, CSEES is co-sponsoring the Engaging Eurasia Teacher Fellowship program. This year-long, national professional development program for K-12 teachers and community college faculty will explore different conflicts that have occurred in the post-Soviet space with Russia since the collapse of the Soviet Union. It will deepen participants understanding of the history and current events of the post-Soviet space through sessions led by expert scholars who will delve into case studies and trainings.

Other CSEES Resources

In addition to the programs we have listed above, we are happy to work with any educational organization to develop presentations and materials around their needs or different grade levels and can discuss different resources available. Below are some commonly used and requested materials.  


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Available CSEES Resources


To provide free, widely accessible content about Eastern Europe and Eurasia, CSEES has worked with Ohio State faculty and graduate student experts to create online modules that are self-contained units of instruction for K-12 students and teachers, as well as community college educators and students. Modules are in a variety of formats, are fully accessible, and are made to provide users with additional resources and information to further their study of a topic and/or country.

Is there a module topic that you want to use in your classroom but don't see above? Email CSEES at csees@osu.edu to let us know what topics you are looking for!


CSEES can develop and deliver presentations for schools throughout Ohio upon request. To request a presentation, please contact Alicia Baca, the CSEES outreach coordinator, at baca.31@osu.edu or call (614)292-8770.


Knowledge Bank is an open access, free public digital repository hosted by The Ohio State University Libraries. Past presentations developed by CSEES and unit plans and activities created by past teacher training participants have been uploaded to Knowledge Bank and are free to download, use, and modify. Items include PowerPoint presentations, lesson plans, Russian language activities, and document based questions.


Culture boxes are a way to bring foreign cultures and history directly into the classroom. CSEES has collected “artifacts” and real world items from Eastern Europe including foreign currencies, toys, games, maps, posters, clothing items, and books. Teachers can borrow culture boxes or items from CSEES to incorporate artifacts into lessons. To request items, please contact Alicia Baca, the CSEES outreach coordinator, at baca.31@osu.edu or call (614)292-8770.


CSEES has recorded and posted on Youtube numerous videos from its past lectures. Additionally, CSEES staff and interns have made videos and presentations on a variety of topics.


Educational Resource Websites

EDSITEment: National Endowment for the Humanities lesson plans and teacher resources

2016 NEH Summer Institute "Central Asia in World History" Unit Plans

Other Organizations in Ohio

Cleveland Hungarian Museum in Cleveland, Ohio

Slovenian Museum and Archives in Cleveland, Ohio

Ukrainian Museum-Archives in Cleveland, Ohio


Email Alicia Baca, the CSEES outreach coordinator, at baca.31@osu.edu or call (614)292-8770 for more information.