Unit Plans

Unit Plans

Participants of the 2016 Central Asia in World History developed a final unit plan based on their research during the Summer Institute. These unit plans were developed based on the subjects and interests of the teachers, and in consultation with the Director, Dr. Scott Levi, and master teacher, Bobbie Mucha. Below they are available for viewing and download to assist other teachers who wish to teach more about Central Asia.

PDF icon AP World History by Angela Burnson

PDF icon Art of Central Asia by Erin PricePDF icon

PDF icon Art of the Gunpowder Empires by Nicole di Bernardo

PDF icon Central Asia in World History by Lisa Waligora

PDF icon Central Asia by Roger Whitson

PDF icon PDF icon PDF iconEurasian Exchange by Kelly Pearce

PDF icon Kyrgyz Felting by Katie Schuler

Non-European Influences on the Renaissance by Grace Tesfae

PDF icon One Belt, One Road by Christopher Bryant

PDF icon Safavid Empire by Brian Desmond

PDF icon Silk Road Encounters by Kitty Lam

PDF icon Soviet Propaganda by Cara Pryor

PDF icon Steppe v Sown by Lindsey Ehret

PDF icon Teaching History through Inquiry by Sarah Brand

PDF icon The Life of Ibn Sina by Judi Lee

PDF icon The Silk Road What Was it Really by Aaron Jackson

PDF icon Were the Nestorians Christian by Sam Thomas

Unit plans from the 2012 Central Asia in World History Summer Seminar are available electronically.

Another great resource for teachers is EDSITEment!, a website that hosts many lesson plans and other resources for educators and students.