CSEES Film Library Update

August 1, 2018
Cover of 3 moves: The Big Animal, The Stars' Caravan, and The Diamond Arm

In summer 2016, the Center for Slavic and East European Studies partnered with University Libraries to consolidate its film collection and merge it into the Libraries’ holdings. This process is now complete and CSEES has created comprehensive inventories indicating which items are now part of University Libraries and which items are still maintained by CSEES, and the available format of these items (DVD, VHS, CD, or streaming). If an item is held by University Libraries, the hyperlink embedded in the item’s title will direct you to its item record. Lists are published on CSEES’ Media Library webpage and will be updated periodically. These inventories are complete barring a final inventory of copied DVDs and DVD PAL items held by CSEES that will be completed by the end of August 2018. A subsequent announcement will be sent out when this process is finished.  

As was stated in 2016, the library took in movies that it did not currently have in its collection. Moving forward, all items with a location listed as Library will be accessed through the Library system and not handled by CSEES staff. If there are new films that faculty would like to use in a course, or if there are questions about how to make a film already owned available for a course (including through the Secure Media Lab), faculty are encouraged to contact Miroljub Ruzic (ruzic.2@osu.edu) to discuss this in advance. The Center will help to purchase films based on budget availability. Films that are listed with a CSEES location code will continue to be maintained by the Center and can be accessed by emailing csees@osu.edu in advance. CSEES will also work to convert used VHS to DVD, make them available through the Secure Media Lab, and/or work with the Library to purchase DVD copies.