K-12 Educators


The Center for Slavic and East European Studies (CSEES) works with K-12 schools throughout the state of Ohio to bring the cultures, histories, and languages of Eastern Europe and Eurasia into the classroom to foster interest in world cultures in younger generations. Through these activites it seeks to engage in 21st century learning and increase the global competancies of students. It works with schools to create engaging content for students that fit in with state of Ohio's new academic content standards. In addition, CSEES all provides classroom resources such as maps, artifacts, and other classroom aids. All services are offered free of charge to the school.   


CSEES develops and delivers presentations in K-12 schools throughout Ohio. Presentations have been developed around topics of interests or based on specific requests from schools. All presentations have been designed to be engaging and often also offer a corresponding activity for students to complete. Topics familiarize students with foreign languages, cultures, religions, and histories. Based on the audience grade-level, presentations can be modified to reflect the needs of students.

A wide variety of different thematic and geographical presentations can be found on The Knowledge Bank at Ohio State's website. Presentations can be viewed and downloaded from The Knowledge Bank and used in the classroom. Please email Alicia Baca (baca.31@osu.edu) if you would like to request a presentation made on a topic not included on The Knowledge Bank, or if you would like to inquire about additional outreach opportunities.  

Film Lending Library

Another service that CSEES offers is the loaning of Eastern European and Eurasian films to educators free of charge. Films can be shipped by mail directly to schools throughout Ohio and the Midwest. CSEES keeps a film library of over 2,000 films including documentaries and feature films in many different language and on  many different subjects. Please visit our Media Library page to view our film list. If you are looking for films on a particular subject or topic, please feel free to contact CSEES directly at (614)292-8770 or by email at csees@osu.edu for suggestions and ideas.  

Cultures Boxes

Culture boxes are a way to bring foreign cultures and history directly into the classroom. CSEES has collected "artifacts" and real world items from Eastern Europe including: foreign currencies, toys, games, maps, posters, clothing items, and books. Teachers can borrow culture boxes from CSEES to incorporate artifacts into lessons. Please call (614)292-8770 or email csees@osu.edu to inquire about borrowing a culture box. 

Curriculum Materials

PowerPoint presentations, Lesson plans, Russian language activities, and Document Based Questions on a variety of subjects can be found in CSEES' Knowledge Bank Community.

**Please contact Alicia Baca (baca.31@osu.edu) to request the creation of custom made presentations or curriculum materials** 

Lesson plans and Document Based Questions relating to Central Asia from 2012 and 2016 NEH workshops are also available.

Russian Language Curriculum Materials

CSEES has created numerous activities and resources for K-12 Russian language teachers, including resources to help teachers prepare their students to participate in the Ohio K-12 Russian Language Olympiada. These can be found in Knowledge Bank.


In addition to the abovementioned curriculum materials, CSEES has included a list of country specific and thematic videos below: 


  • PBS Frontline World Rough Cut: Divided We Stand
    • Tags: War; Reconciliation; Historical Narratives 

Czech Republic


Former German Democratic Republic (East Germany)





Human Trafficking

  • Moldova: Sex Slaves
    • Tags: Human Trafficking; Problems in Post-Soviet Spaces 

Migration and Minority Rights