Picture for agnew.17

Amanda Agnew
Assistant Professor
  • Human anatomy
  • Biological anthropology

Picture for anagnostou.1

Georgios Anagnostou
Associate Professor
  • Greek diaspora
  • American ethnicities
  • Modern Greek culture and identity

Picture for annus.1

Epp Annus
  • Baltic Literature and cultures
  • Soviet (post) colonialism
  • Phenomenology of Soviet everyday...

Picture for azimova.2

Kamola Azimova
  • Uzbek language and pedagogy

Picture for ballard.215

Alisa Ballard
Assistant Professor
  • Russian theater and performance
  • Modernism
  • Soviet Literature

Picture for barth.1

Rolf Barth
Faculty Emeritus
  • Pathology
  • Innovative strategies for the...

Picture for bekcioglu.1

Bulent Bekcioglu
  • Turkish language
  • Turkish literature

Picture for brandesky.1

Joseph Brandesky
  • Russian theater and drama
  • Czech theater

Picture for braumoeller.1

Bear Braumoeller
Associate Professor
  • International relations
  • Russia

Picture for brenner.108

Naomi Brenner
Assistant Professor
  • Literary theory and criticism
  • Modern Hebrew literature and...
  • Yiddish literature and culture

Picture for breyfogle.1

Nicholas Breyfogle
Associate Professor
  • Imperial Russian history
  • Non-Russian nationalities of the...
  • Inter-ethnic contact

Picture for brintlinger.3

Angela Brintlinger
  • 18th-20th century Russian...
  • Pushkin; Chekhov; Derzhavin
  • Madness

Picture for bronson.6

Denise Bronson
Associate Professor
  • Polish social work and social...

Picture for brown.2583

Christopher Brown
  • History of the Greek language
  • Language acquisition and pedagogy

Picture for brown.2296

Trevor Brown
Director, John Glenn School of Public...
  • Public management and...
  • Democratization

Picture for bucknam.1

Anita Bucknam
  • Economic analysis
  • Soviet Union and Eastern Europe

Picture for burry.7

Alexander Burry
Associate professor
  • 19th century Russian literature
  • Multimedia adaptations

Picture for buzov.1

Snjezana Buzov
Associate Professor
  • Balkan literature
  • Ottoman literature

Picture for bystydzienski.1

Jill Bystydzienski
Professor and Director of the Center...
  • Women's movements and...
  • Gender and science in Poland

Picture for cavender.13

Mollie Cavender
Associate Professor
  • 18th century Russian cultural,...
  • 19th century Russian cultural,...

Picture for cesnjevar.1

Anna Cesnjevar

Picture for ciucevich.1

Justin Ciucevich
Graduate Student

Picture for coakwell.1

Jacob Coakwell
Graduate Student

Picture for collins.232

Daniel Collins
Associate Professor
  • Russian linguistics
  • Old Russian

Picture for connelly.60

Eric Connelly
Graduate Student

Picture for constantinidis.1

Stratos Constantinidis
  • Critical theory
  • Historiography
  • Classical drama

Picture for couch.1

Nena Couch
Professor and Curator of the Lawrence...
  • Dance

Picture for crews.8

Douglas Crews
(614) 292-4155

Picture for davis.5012

Brandon Davis
Graduate Student
  • Transnational Security
  • Post-Soviet country development

Picture for dragostinova.1

Theodora Dragostinova
Associate Professor
  • Nation-building
  • Refugee movements
  • Minority politics

Picture for dye.199

Jared Dye
Graduate Student

Picture for erken.1

Emily Erken

Picture for fernandez.214

Laura Fernandez
Assistant Dean for International and...
(614) 688-5328
  • International Law
  • Human Rights
  • Transitional Justice

Picture for fosler-lussier.2

Danielle Fosler-Lussier
Associate Professor and Area Head
  • Diplomatic History
  • Musicology
  • 20th century music

Picture for garciadelapuente.1

Inés García de la Puente
Assistant Professor
  • Rus'
  • Cultural Translation

Picture for brutus.0

Anna Gawboy
Assistant Professor

Picture for goscilo.1

Helena Goscilo
  • Contemporary Russian culture
  • Russian and Polish women's...
  • Early 19th century narrative...

Picture for gregory.4

Timothy Gregory
  • Byzantine history
  • Classical archaeology

Picture for guerrini.2

Christopher Guerrini
Graduate Student

Picture for harris.1855

Jon Harris
Graduate Student

Picture for hashamova.1

Yana Hashamova
  • Human trafficking
  • Film and cultural studies
  • Balkan and Russian literature

Picture for hathaway.24

Jane Hathaway
  • Ottoman Empire before 1800

Picture for herrmann.1

Richard Herrmann
  • Russian foreign policy
  • Comparative politics

Picture for hoffmann.218

David Hoffmann
  • Russian and Soviet history
  • Political, social, and cultural...

Picture for ignatieva.1

Maria Ignatieva
Associate Professor
  • Russian and Soviet theater

Picture for isurin.1

Ludmila Isurin
Associate Professor
  • Second language acquisition
  • Psycholinguistics

Picture for johnson.60

Mary-Allen Johnson
Assistant Professor and Associate...

Picture for joseph.1

Brian Joseph
  • Historical linguistics
  • Greek linguistics
  • Albanian

Picture for judd.18

Robin Judd
Associate Professor
  • Jewish and European history

Picture for jusdanis.1

Gregory Jusdanis
Professor, Director of Modern Greek...
  • Modern Greek Literature and Culture
  • C. P. Cavafy
  • Aesthetics

Picture for kaganovich.2

Joanna Kaganovich
Graduate Student

Picture for kaldellis.1

Anthony Kaldellis
  • Byzantine studies
  • Greek historiography
  • Plato

Picture for kinard.1

James Kinard
Faculty Emeritus
  • Information technology in the...
  • Activity-based costing
  • Exchange rates

Picture for klochko.1

Marianna Klochko
Associate Professor
  • Sociology and criminology of...

Picture for kosstrin.1

Hannah Kosstrin
Assistant Professor
614 688-2339

Picture for kunkler.10

Eileen Kunkler
Assistant Director of the Center for...

Picture for lechintan.1

Adela Lechintan-Siefer
  • French-language cinema and...
  • Romanian language and cinema
  • Teaching visual texts

Picture for levi.18

Scott Levi
Associate Professor
  • History of Islamic Central Asia

Picture for lewis.317

Jeffrey Lewis
Senior Lecturer
  • Science and technology
  • Cold War

Picture for liu.737

Morgan Liu
Associate Professor
  • Cultural anthropology
  • Post-Soviet Central Asia

Picture for matejic.1

Predrag Matejic
Associate Professor and Curator of the...

Picture for mcafee.83

Katie McAfee
Graduate Student

Picture for metz.235

Kathryn Metz
Outreach Coordinator

Picture for moumtaz.1

Nada Moumtaz
Assistant Professor
  • Anthropology of Islam
  • Studies of Capitalism
  • The Levant after 1800

Picture for mueller.135

John Mueller
Adjunct Professor
  • Defense and foreign policy
  • Democratization
  • Post-communism

Picture for myers.1107

Elena Myers

Picture for nash.230

Ryan Nash
Director, Center for Bioethics and...
  • Ethics
  • Palliative care
  • Moral theology

Picture for nestorovamatejic.1

Tatyana Nestorova-Matejic
Senior lecturer
  • History of Eastern Europe
  • History of Russia

Picture for noyes.10

Dorothy Noyes
Professor and Director of the Center...
  • Folklore
  • Ethnography
  • Performance

Picture for brehm.84

Hollie Nyseth Brehm
Assistant Professor
614 292-0851
  • Sociology of Law
  • Criminology
  • Peace and Conflict Studies

Picture for pantsov.1

Alexander Pantsov
  • Comparative Communism

Picture for pashkova.1

Marina Pashkova
  • Russian
  • Morphology

Picture for payind.1

Alam Payind
Director of the Middle East Studies...
  • The Middle East
  • Central Asia
  • Soviet Central Asia

Picture for petrill.2

Stephen Petrill
  • Developmental psychology

Picture for pratt.247

Daniel Pratt
Visiting Assistant Professor
  • Central European Literature
  • Polish Literature
  • Intellectual History

Picture for quigley.2

John Quigley
Faculty Emeritus
  • International law
  • The Soviet Union

Picture for rinaldo.2

Ken Rinaldo
  • Art & Technology

Picture for rinto.7

Conrad Rinto
Graduate Student

Picture for roush.217

Patrick Roush
Graduate Student

Picture for ruzic.2

Miroljub Ruzic
Subject Specialist for East European...
(614) 292-8959
  • International and area studies
  • languages
  • literature

Picture for siegel.83

Jennifer Siegel
Associate Professor
  • Modern European diplomatic and...

Picture for sims.120

Andrea Sims
Associate Professor
  • South Slavic linguistics

Picture for slomczynski.1

Kazimierz Slomczynski
Director, CONSIRT and Faculty Emeritus
  • Methodology of cross-national...
  • Social stratification
  • Population and health

Picture for sneller.5

Clay Sneller
Professor, Department of Horticulture...
(303) 263-3944
  • Wheat Breeding and Genetics
  • Plant Stress Molecular Biology and...

Picture for steffan.10

Joyce Steffan
Director, Undergraduate Global...
(614) 292-2795
  • Summer Global Internship Program
  • Ohio Export Internship Program
  • College and University Outreach

Picture for stevenson.185

Kurt Stevenson
Professor, Department of Internal...
(614) 293-5666

Picture for suchland.15

Jennifer Suchland
Associate Professor
  • Politics
  • Gender studies

Picture for sullivan.191

Mazeika Sullivan
Associate Professor
  • Ecology and conservation of...

Picture for suspitsyna.1

Tatiana Suspitsyna
Associate Professor
  • Organization theory
  • International education
  • Higher education in Russia

Picture for tomescu.1

Irina Tomescu-Dubrow
Program Manager, Cross-National...

Picture for tsipursky.1

Gleb Tsipursky
Assistant Professor
  • Post-World War II Russian and...
  • Modernity
  • Youth

Picture for tuovinen.1

Olli Tuovinen
Professor Emeritus
  • Biotransformations of metals and...
  • Biogeochemistry of iron and sulfur
  • Biotreatment of liquid and solid...

Picture for wallace.621

Lorraine Wallace
Associate Professor
  • Health literacy
  • Access to mecidal care

Picture for waltherkeisel.1

Maryann Walther-Keisel
Office Coordinator

Picture for wick.13

Macdonald Wick
Associate Professor
  • Muscle development
  • Muscle growth

Picture for wolskimoskoff.1

Izolda Wolski-Moskoff
  • Polish
  • Second language acquisition

Picture for yerkes.1

Richard Yerkes
  • Hungary
  • Central European archaeology