Picture for agnew.17

Amanda Agnew
Director of Skeletal Biology Research...
  • Human anatomy
  • Biological anthropology

Picture for anagnostou.1

Georgios Anagnostou
  • Greek diaspora
  • American ethnicities
  • Modern Greek culture and identity

Picture for annus.1

Epp Annus
  • Baltic Literature and cultures
  • Soviet (post) colonialism
  • Phenomenology of Soviet everyday...

Picture for azimova.2

Kamola Azimova
  • Uzbek language and pedagogy

Picture for baca.31

Alicia Baca
Outreach Coordinator

Picture for barth.1

Rolf Barth
Academy Professor
  • Pathology
  • Innovative strategies for the...

Picture for bekcioglu.1

Bulent Bekcioglu
  • Turkish language
  • Turkish literature

Picture for brandesky.1

Joseph Brandesky
The Martha W. Farmer Endowed Professor...
  • Russian theater and drama
  • Czech theater

Picture for braumoeller.1

Bear Braumoeller
  • International relations
  • Russia

Picture for brenner.108

Naomi Brenner
Associate Professor
  • Literary theory and criticism
  • Modern Hebrew literature and...
  • Yiddish literature and culture

Picture for breyfogle.1

Nicholas Breyfogle
Associate Professor
  • Imperial Russian history
  • Non-Russian nationalities of the...
  • Inter-ethnic contact

Picture for brintlinger.3

Angela Brintlinger
CSEES Director and Professor
  • 18th-20th century Russian...
  • Pushkin; Chekhov; Derzhavin
  • Madness

Picture for bronson.6

Denise Bronson
Professor Emerita
  • Polish social work and social...

Picture for brown.2583

Christopher Brown
  • History of the Greek language
  • Language acquisition and pedagogy

Picture for brown.2296

Trevor Brown
Dean, John Glenn College of Public...
  • Public management and...
  • Democratization

Picture for burry.7

Alexander Burry
Associate professor
  • 19th century Russian literature
  • Multimedia adaptations

Picture for bystydzienski.1

Jill Bystydzienski
Professor Emerita
  • Women's movements and...
  • Gender and science in Poland

Picture for cavender.13

Mollie Cavender
Associate Professor
  • 18th century Russian cultural,...
  • 19th century Russian cultural,...

Picture for collins.232

Daniel Collins
Associate Professor
  • Russian linguistics
  • Old Russian

Picture for constantinidis.1

Stratos Constantinidis
  • Critical theory
  • Historiography
  • Classical drama

Picture for couch.1

Nena Couch
Professor and Curator of the Lawrence...
  • Dance

Picture for crews.8

Douglas Crews
(614) 292-4155

Picture for davidson.538

Elizabeth Davidson
Graduate Student

Picture for dragostinova.1

Theodora Dragostinova
Associate Professor
  • Nation-building
  • Refugee movements
  • Minority politics

Picture for erken.1

Emily Erken

Picture for fernandez.214

Laura Fernandez
Assistant Dean for International and...
(614) 688-5328
  • International Law
  • Human Rights
  • Transitional Justice

Picture for fosler-lussier.2

Danielle Fosler-Lussier
Associate Professor and Area Head
  • Diplomatic History
  • Musicology
  • 20th century music

Picture for gawboy.2

Anna Gawboy
Associate Professor

Picture for gleissner.4

Philip Gleissner
Assistant Professor
  • Soviet and Eastern European...
  • Migration studies
  • Socialist literatures

Picture for goscilo.1

Helena Goscilo
  • Contemporary Russian culture
  • Russian and Polish women's...
  • Early 19th century narrative...

Picture for gregory.4

Timothy Gregory
  • Byzantine history
  • Classical archaeology

Picture for harvey.592

Brandon Harvey
Graduate Student

Picture for hascher.5

Andrew Hascher
Graduate Student

Picture for hashamova.1

Yana Hashamova
  • Human trafficking
  • Film and cultural studies
  • Balkan and Russian literature

Picture for hathaway.24

Jane Hathaway
  • Ottoman Empire before 1800

Picture for hayes.910

Hayden Hayes
Graduate Student

Picture for herrmann.1

Richard Herrmann
Professor Emeritus
  • Russian foreign policy
  • Comparative politics

Picture for hoffmann.218

David Hoffmann
  • Russian and Soviet history
  • Political, social, and cultural...

Picture for ignatieva.1

Maria Ignatieva
  • Russian and Soviet theater

Picture for isurin.1

Ludmila Isurin
  • Second language acquisition
  • Psycholinguistics

Picture for johnson.60

Mary-Allen Johnson
Associate Professor and Curator of...

Picture for joseph.1

Brian Joseph
  • Historical linguistics
  • Greek linguistics
  • Albanian

Picture for judd.18

Robin Judd
Associate Professor
  • Jewish and European history

Picture for jusdanis.1

Gregory Jusdanis
Professor, Director of Modern Greek...
  • Modern Greek Literature and Culture
  • C. P. Cavafy
  • Aesthetics

Picture for kaldellis.1

Anthony Kaldellis
  • Byzantine studies
  • Greek historiography
  • Plato

Picture for kamenchuk.1

Olga Kamenchuk
Associate Professor, Clinical
  • political psychology
  • public diplomacy
  • public opinion

Picture for kinard.1

James Kinard
Professor Emeritus
  • Information technology in the...
  • Activity-based costing
  • Exchange rates

Picture for klochko.1

Marianna Klochko
Associate Professor
  • Sociology and criminology of...

Picture for kosstrin.1

Hannah Kosstrin
Assistant Professor
614 688-2339

Picture for kunkler.10

Eileen Kunkler
Assistant Director of the Center for...

Picture for lechintan.1

Adela Lechintan-Siefer
  • French-language cinema and...
  • Romanian language and cinema
  • Teaching visual texts

Picture for levi.18

Scott Levi
  • History of Islamic Central Asia

Picture for lewis.317

Jeffrey Lewis
Senior Lecturer
  • Science and technology
  • Cold War

Picture for lin.3183

Alisa Ballard Lin
Assistant Professor
  • Russian theater and performance
  • Modernism
  • Soviet Literature

Picture for liu.737

Morgan Liu
Associate Professor
  • Cultural anthropology
  • Post-Soviet Central Asia

Picture for matejic.1

Predrag Matejic
Professor Emeritus

Picture for matthews.198

Dan Matthews
Assistant Professor
  • Scenic design
  • Lighting design
  • Technical direction

Picture for mcvey.23

David McVey
Senior Lecturer

Picture for mueller.135

John Mueller
Professor Emeritus
  • Defense and foreign policy
  • Democratization
  • Post-communism

Picture for myers.1107

Elena Myers
Senior Lecturer

Picture for nash.230

Ryan Nash
Director, Center for Bioethics and...
  • Ethics
  • Palliative care
  • Moral theology

Picture for nestorovamatejic.1

Tatyana Nestorova-Matejic
Senior Lecturer
  • History of Eastern Europe
  • History of Russia

Picture for nisbet.5

Erik Nisbet
Associate Professor
  • public opinion
  • foreign policy
  • role of media and digital...

Picture for noyes.10

Dorothy Noyes
  • Folklore
  • Ethnography
  • Performance

Picture for brehm.84

Hollie Nyseth Brehm
Assistant Professor
614 292-0851
  • Sociology of Law
  • Criminology
  • Peace and Conflict Studies

Picture for parker.1369

Maxwell Parker
Graduate Student

Picture for payind.1

Alam Payind
Director of the Middle East Studies...
  • The Middle East
  • Central Asia
  • Soviet Central Asia

Picture for petrill.2

Stephen Petrill
  • Developmental psychology

Picture for quigley.2

John Quigley
Professor Emeritus
  • International law
  • The Soviet Union

Picture for rinaldo.2

Ken Rinaldo
  • Art & Technology

Picture for rudesill.2

Dakota Rudesill
Assistant Professor of Law
(614) 688-2059
  • National Security Law
  • Cybersecurity and cyberspace
  • Nuclear Arms Control

Picture for ruzic.2

Miroljub Ruzic
Subject Specialist for East European...
(614) 292-8959
  • International and area studies
  • languages
  • literature

Picture for siegel.83

Jennifer Siegel
  • Modern European diplomatic and...

Picture for sims.120

Andrea Sims
Associate Professor
  • South Slavic linguistics

Picture for slomczynski.1

Kazimierz Slomczynski
Director, CONSIRT and Professor...
  • Methodology of cross-national...
  • Social stratification
  • Population and health

Picture for sneller.5

Clay Sneller
Professor, Department of Horticulture...
(303) 263-3944
  • Wheat Breeding and Genetics
  • Plant Stress Molecular Biology and...

Picture for steffan.10

Joyce Steffan
Director, Undergraduate Global...
(614) 292-2795
  • Summer Global Internship Program
  • Ohio Export Internship Program
  • College and University Outreach

Picture for stevenson.185

Kurt Stevenson
Professor, Department of Internal...
(614) 293-5666

Picture for suchland.15

Jennifer Suchland
Associate Professor
  • Politics
  • Gender studies

Picture for sullivan.191

Mazeika Sullivan
Associate Professor
  • Ecology and conservation of...

Picture for suspitsyna.1

Tatiana Suspitsyna
Associate Professor
  • Organization theory
  • International education
  • Higher education in Russia

Picture for tomescu.1

Irina Tomescu-Dubrow
Program Manager, Cross-National...

Picture for tuovinen.1

Olli Tuovinen
Professor Emeritus
  • Biotransformations of metals and...
  • Biogeochemistry of iron and sulfur
  • Biotreatment of liquid and solid...

Picture for wallace.621

Lorraine Wallace
Associate Professor
  • Health literacy
  • Access to mecidal care

Picture for waltherkeisel.1

Maryann Walther-Keisel
Office Coordinator

Picture for wick.13

Macdonald Wick
Associate Professor
  • Muscle development
  • Muscle growth

Picture for wolskimoskoff.1

Izolda Wolski-Moskoff
  • Polish
  • Second language acquisition

Picture for yerkes.1

Richard Yerkes
  • Hungary
  • Central European archaeology