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Director, Faculty

CSEEES Director and Professor
400 Hagerty Hall

Emeritus Faculty

Nena Couch
Professor Emerita
119C Thompson Library
Kazimierz  Slomczynski
Director, CONSIRT and Professor Emeritus


Amanda Agnew
Director of Skeletal Biology Research Lab and Associate Professor
2066 Graves Hall
Ashley Bigham
Assistant Professor
286 Knowlton Hall
Douglas Crews
4004 Smith Laboratory
Anna  Gawboy
Associate Professor
304A Hughes Hall
Philip Gleissner
Assistant Professor
361 Hagerty Hall
Robin Judd
Associate Professor
267 Dulles Hall
Marianna Klochko
Associate Professor
Morrill Hall 211B
Hannah Kosstrin
Associate Professor and Director of the Melton Center for Jewish Studies
310 Sullivant Hall
Alisa Ballard Lin
Assistant Professor
418 Hagerty Hall
Dan Matthews
Associate Professor
135 Reed Hall
Andrea Sims
Associate Professor
314 Oxley Hall
Jennifer Suchland
Associate Professor
308 Dulles Hall
Richard Yerkes
4008 Smith Laboratory


Helen Myers
Senior Lecturer
429 Hagerty Hall